Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day. The theme of this year is #eachforequal. What does this mean to you? Regardless of your role, your age or your gender, your opinion matters in the workplace and beyond.

We’ve used this day to shine a light on the subject by asking our internal team what it means to them.

Fairness to everybody regardless of gender across all aspect of life

Paul J, Head of Finance

Giving assistance to those in need to put them on equal footing with others with privileged beginnings

Scarlett M, Data Analyst

Equal treatment under the law, and equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome

Sima Z, Executive Recruiter

Not worrying about how I come across to men when I speak my mind and express my opinions; not worrying about being underestimated, undermined or patronised by men

Chiara G, Head of London Account Management

A level playing field with no restrictions placed on you due to gender, race etc.

Ryan C, Head of North Account Management

Equality is the fight to attain different kinds of equality, like racial equality, gender equality, or equality of opportunity between rich and poor. In an ideal world we would all be equal and be treated as such with no preconceptions. Gender equality is particularly important to me in the workplace.

Hannah J, Head of Sales Scotland

Equal status, equal opportunities, meritocracy. Stopping particular groups being treated less favourably because of discrimination based on protected characteristics that have no factual bearing on ability or potential

Ian M, Senior Architect

Some people start off in poorer circumstances (not necessarily wealth), and consequently don't have the ability to live the same lives or make the same choices as people who start off on a more accommodating platform. If people are starting on an unequal platform, giving everyone an equal amount of support doesn't change that. To me equality means that everyone gets the support they need to be able to make the same choices (even if that means more than someone else).

Bri J, Talent & Account Manager

Making sure people are treated the same way regardless of age, race, sex, belief or orientation (amongst other important factors). In my point of view it's also about speaking to people on a human level, rather than your senior/junior. Also treating people in a way you would expect to be treated.

Rohan B, QA Analyst

Equality means we have equal options to choose as we wish, without someone having done so for us first. It means we can all sit at the table equally, in whatever form that may be.

Izzy N, Operations Associate

Have a right to decide about oneself without prejudice or limitations imposed on an individual in society

Maciek K, Software Developer

Equality means a number of things to me:

  1. Equal opportunity and pay
  2. Equal and unbiased consideration for opportunity
  3. Equality both in and out of the workplace
  4. An impartial and confidential method for reporting any inequality
  5. Regular updating and highlighting of the equality policy

Karan S, Partnership Manager

I agree
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