It’s an exciting time of year to be in the industry, you’re a big part of making people’s best memories. From festive lunches to office parties, the pressure is on to perform, and this naturally brings on immense stress. We guarantee you’re already bracing yourself for what’s to come, we know because we’ve been there too. In fact, the vision of our team here at Rota is to rid you of those staffing nightmares because we’ve felt that stress ourselves coming from hospitality backgrounds as well. Here’s how:

1. Stop hiring

It’s a usual go-to leading up to busy season, but will it really help you? Stop spending hours reading through CVs, interviewing, training new staff or on the phone to traditional agencies. Instead, top up shifts with talented workers, only when you need to. This means you won’t have an excess of staff with not enough hours to give after the busy season quietens down too.

2. Don’t overwork your regular employees

Festive season gives way to a drastic spike in demand, but don’t push the pressure onto your regular team. Having them take on too many hours or feeling run off their feet when shifts are understaffed is not only unfair on them but could also lead to injury or illness right when you are depending on them most. Supplementing busy shifts with vetted workers will allow your team to do what they do best. Keep in mind when you bring in temps with Rota, they hold certificates in health and safety, so your staff won’t be bogged down explaining what allergens are, or how to carry equipment safely when they’re busy enough as it is.

3. Top up staff just when you need to

This will be often in busy season, but that doesn’t change the unpredictable nature of it. Take on more events, shake more cocktails, pour more coffees, whatever it may be, you can confidently meet your fluctuating demand with a click. There’s no preparation on your part and no pesky paperwork to finish. Whether you take on your biggest event yet, or top up last minute cancellation shifts, we’ve got your back, leaving your hands free to focus on making this year your most successful yet.

4. How will I know they will be the right staff for me?

We understand how people make a massive impact on any overall customer experience, particularly during the festive season when those extra special touches go a long way to make your business stand out. All our Members undergo a scrutinous practical assessment run by hospitality experts who assess and upload their skillset to our platform. Our smart algorithm then works to match you with Members that perfectly align with your business’ needs. We don’t compromise on this – if you request an experienced mixologist, then that is what you will get. You can create your bespoke talent pool, and request your favourites back time and time again. It really is possible to have your dream team on hand every shift this festive season.

5. Let our Account Managers take a load off your plate

We needn’t convince you about the benefits of technology’s speed and efficiency when it comes to staffing, but it’s understandable if ‘going tech’ can feel foreign to you. That’s why the nature of what we do is hybrid- whenever you feel like you just want a real person there, you’ve got our best in class Account Managers at your disposal. Want them on site to check in lots of temp staff onto a shift? No problem! Whatever you need they’re dedicated to helping you make it your best Christmas yet.

With all the extra time you’ll have on your hands you might even find time to sit and enjoy a festive lunch yourself this year!

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