The National Minimum Wage increased this week by 4.9%, which is a great deal for our hard-working Members across the UK.

We are all delighted at Rota to have increased our rates across the board for all roles, despite already paying well above minimum wage and average market rates.

Rota works closely with our Partners to ensure our temporary staffing services remain highly cost-effective thanks to our unique technology which automates much of the process and administration, such as timesheets. Additionally, this technology provides a much better experience to our Partners and Members with greater transparency and quality than traditional agencies. This simultaneously allows us to invest in the vital human elements that technology cannot replace, including our vetting and training of Members as well as our outstanding Account Management.

This year we have had many of our Partners request to only increase the rates for roles commanding the minimum wage, but we've pushed back. Just like the BBC point out in the article below, we strongly believe we need to increase all rates as it is important to maintain differences between the roles. A Chef de Partie working next to a Kitchen Porter on the same pay rate will soon start to raise eyebrows in the kitchen.

We strongly believe that to continue to attract and supply our Partners with the best talent at all levels within hospitality, particularly in the face of Brexit, we need to pay the best rates in the industry.

As well as providing competitive pay we have been insistent on being non-discriminative against age, as we believe if our Members are doing the same shift and working just as hard as others, they should be valued the same and not paid less due to their age. This coupled with our industry-leading training and onboarding means we can continue to deliver the best services in the market.

Our technology is only one part of our service. It is our Members that turn up to our Partners to create the perfect flat white, elegantly place your coq-au-vin in front of your guests or steam that delicious sticky toffee pudding which matters. These Members are at the heart of everything we do.

Whilst supporting this increase, we at Rota are still pledging through the use of our unique technology and algorithm, to match the perfect Members to our Partners' requirements in the most cost effective way, whilst maintaining a fair Member pay-rate.

Long may this win-win for hospitality continue to revolutionise the industry.

Written by Tom Williams (Co-Founder) - 03/04/19

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