Whether you choose to work full time with Rota for the flexible hours and better pay, or to top up your earnings on the side of other income working only when and where you want, we bet saving extra money is on your mind. The festive season is behind us, New Year’s resolutions are in motion so January is a great time to try some of our top hacks to bag that extra cash.

1. Buy in bulk

Try buying household items like toilet paper, dishwashing tablets and the likes in bulk to save you money in the long run and avoid expensive brands when you need them last minute. If you live with housemates encourage them to get involved and split the costs to better the savings.

2. Meal prep

Write a shopping list to keep yourself focused and plan your meals for the week so you aren’t tempted to buy your lunch out. Aim for foods with longer shelf life like canned beans or frozen berries and vegetables so you’re less likely to have waste.

3. Have a ‘treat yourself’ stash

You work hard, so make sure even if you’re trying to save that you budget in some fun for yourself. Allow yourself an amount and take this out in cash for the week. When you go on a night out, treat yourself to a coffee or meal, use your ‘treat yourself’ cash and you’ll avoid splurging as you’ll see exactly what’s left for the week.

4. Use a keep cup

If you buy your coffee or tea out regularly, try investing in a keep cup and looking out for cafes that will give you sometimes up to a 50p discount when you bring your own cup in. Good for your savings and for the planet.

5. Use your Rota referral code for a £30 bonus

You may even know a friend looking to top up their income with flexible hours. Share your referral code (which you can find on your app) with them and once they complete their first shift you’ll see an extra £10 on your next paycheck. When they work 10 shifts you’ll receive an extra £20! What’s more, there’s no limit on how many friends you can refer to Rota!

6. Get deal savvy

Want to make your ‘treat yourself’ stash go a little further? Keep your eyes on the deals! You can use the likes of Honey to help you scope out discount coupons when you shop online. Or try pre-buying deals for dinner or cocktails when you are going out so your spending is capped.

7. Walk!

Can you walk instead of taking the tube, train, bus or taxi? Whether that’s to work or when you’re doing an activity on the weekend this can save you £ and get your steps up at the same time - bonus!

8. Declutter

Try internet sensations approach and ‘Marie Kondo’ your way to a minimalist life. Rather than leaving those items you haven’t used for years, no need to trash them, list them on the likes of ebay or depop and they can be someone else’s new treasure!

We’d love to hear if these work for you or if you have some of your own, don’t forget to share them with us on our Facebook and Instagram.

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