Just a few months ago, we launched in our sixth UK city in under four years since starting, and we’re off to an incredible start.

Since the arrival of Talent and Account Manager, Rachel Tate, a year ago our presence in Leeds has gone from strength to strength. We now have hundreds of available Members who are regularly working at some of the most iconic and prestigious venues in Leeds. This success led us to look into launching in other locations in Yorkshire, and York was the natural next choice.

On average 6.9 million people visit York each year, spending a total of £564 million on the local economy. It’s no surprise that this is only forecasted to keep growing, with its famous historical landmarks and stunning scenery. It’s the dream destination for those in search of a quintessentially British experience (think cobbled streets, quaint tearooms, cosy pubs).

Ryan Crout, Head of the North at Rota, confirmed, "York has so much going for it, it’s not just the history and the attractions that make it such a hot tourist destination, but the local people really add to its charm. The hospitality industry plays a massive part in making York the iconic and loved place that it is, and we have a team on hand who are truly passionate about nurturing this as it continues to boom."

Two years before we launched in York, we were supplying staff for the York Races, working with long-established catering company, CGC Event Caterers. Our Leeds Members would previously commute to work at the races, and after year on year of exceptional feedback from our client about the quality of Rota staff, we saw the benefit of being able to continually support this Partner with greater ease and it was a large factor in setting up operations in York.

Hundreds of talented hospitality professionals have quickly joined, as there is great demand in York for people in search of flexible hours, and amazing venues to work with. Last week, our first Rota Academy session in York took place in the iconic Grantley Hall. This was a bespoke onsite upskilling, where Members were trained to Grantley Hall’s specific service standards and also given a tour around the unique venue. Now, a larger pool of ‘favourite Members’ are available at the click of a button to support the venues needs for staffing events, and our Members gained new skills to continually progress within the sector.

We are already experiencing great adoption of our technology in York by Partners and the benefits that Rota affords the Members has naturally been a great pull too. To already be experiencing success in the area so soon after launch is testament to our great Account Management team and our customer focussed technology, and we are excited to show you what’s to come on the horizon.

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