Why would you want a 6 Star Rating?

Well of course you would, who doesn’t love to be the best at what they do? Other than that, getting outstanding ratings on our app means more opportunities for you. Work hard, make a great impression and who knows, your dream workplace could be requesting you back time and time again. Here’s how to do it…

Don’t cancel last minute

Well, to get that 6-star rating you must actually work a shift, that’s a given. Taking on shifts you are likely to cancel can impact your chance to make that great first impression with a Partner because if it is last minute, they will be notified, and this could cause them to question your reliability. We understand things can happen, but please don’t make a habit out of cancelling shifts late as this can put an entire team including your peers under a lot of strain.

Be on time

This is a MUST to getting an outstanding rating as clients rely on you being ready to work at the allocated time of your shift. We recommend when you check your travel route (which you can access through our app), to allow at least 15 minutes extra on top in case there are any delays on the way. If it’s your first time at a venue, it’s important to note that navigating your way to the right check in point may also take some time. Giving yourself extra breathing room will ensure you arrive cool, calm and collected, ready to make an excellent first impression.

Look the part

Look your very best! That’s not only wearing the correct uniform, but go for those finer details too - that’s how you’ll get those outstanding ratings. Just like you would for a job interview, or a first date, make yourself look as presentable as possible. Shower, have fresh breath, tie your hair back neatly and out of your face, have clear nails, shiny shoes and ironed clothes. In hospitality it’s very common that tattoos will need to be covered and piercings taken out. To get an excellent rating, please do this before you arrive to your shift. If the client has to ask you this may reduce your chance of getting the full 6 stars.


You’re on time, you look your best, you’re almost halfway there to a 6-star rating. This is a BIG one so don’t skip it! Think about when you go to a café, bar or restaurant and the service really blows you away and now make that how you are from start to finish of every shift. Greet people with a smile, be polite, helpful and knowledgeable of the service you’re providing. Our clients love Members who takes initiative. When you finish a task, ask what you can do next, or help others who may need it.

Go that extra mile

This is the difference between a 5 and a 6 star, and we know you want that 6! Whether it’s your first shift or you’re a regular at the venue, use these tips to make an extra impact. Clients love flexibility; that is taking breaks when it fits best with the rest of the team, or when you’re asked to work longer than your allocated shift. Our Partners really appreciate it when you help them out like this - and of course you always get paid for that extra time too!

Be a team player

This flexible style of work means you could be working in a luxury 5 star hotel one day and a trendy pop-up festival the next. So, you’ll probably be working with a range of different people, with different skills, and different styles of management. It is essential that you can adapt easily to the environment you’re in by working well with others. If you’re highly skilled and you see someone else struggling, lend a hand. If the venue seems quite particular, listen to and follow instructions. Most importantly, be approachable and friendly, clients love a Member who can bond well with their regular teams!

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