The festive season is here. Whilst a magical time for many, it no doubt brings on immense pressure in the hospitality industry. It was reported just two years ago that hospitality staff will work around 28 hours overtime during the festive season, the majority working on five to six hours of sleep. Whilst employee wellbeing and mental health are year-round considerations, research shows that the festive period sees a peak in stress levels for many. Increased absenteeism and higher demand mean people work a lot more, and feel extra pressure trying to balance festive or family and social duties on top of the busier workload.

When you understaff, you overwork your staff

We all know how understaffing feels at the time – manic, run off your feet, underprepared and overstressed, not to mention the worry that your guests are noticing it too. But there are other risks we don’t often think about at the time, and ought to when you see the true threat this poses on the health of yourself, your staff, your guests and even the business as a whole.

What can you do?

Research has shown that implementing flexible work practices, where employees have control over their schedule encourages work-life balance, which has been shown to have positive effects on well-being and in their ability to manage stress levels. Using a flexible workforce not only supports your regular staff so they aren’t overworked, but when enabled by technology, temporary staffing maximises the profit of your business by allowing you to staff on demand. Control your rota by responding to peaks in demand and absenteeism is the smarter way to work.

The benefits of using a flexible workforce

People choose when and where they work, so when they are actually on the clock they want to be there. This leads to increased productivity and a healthier culture in the workplace, where teams work better together and employees are collectively happier, which your clients and guests notice too.

Flexible workers at Rota get holiday pay on every hour, and we encourage them to take time off whenever they need to keep healthy and motivated. Due to Rota’s proprietary technology a lot of the costs associated with traditional staffing businesses are removed from process and Rota passes this efficiency on to the candidates. This means that Partners are charged less and candidates are paid more.

You’re adequately staffed when demand peaks, but when it drops you aren’t left with an excess of employees, offering you a much more cost-effective model that traditional recruitment can no longer match.

People now want to find work through their phone because of the convenience, flexibility and transparency it offers. If you aren’t yet embracing to uprise in The Human Cloud, then you may be wondering why recruitment and retaining staff is a constant burden and cost to your business.

Innovating your hiring strategy digitally transforms your business in an impactful way, and with 55% of businesses believing they have less than a year before they start to suffer financially and lose market share from not making a digital transformation, you ought to. Read more on how you can get ahead of competitors in 2020 here.

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