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If you’re a boss at back of house and are ready to revolutionise the way you work, then we want to hear from you. We work with some of the most exciting venues spanned across the UK and with roles from kitchen porter to head chef, your opportunities are endless.

Get paid

We know you work hard and that’s why we pay 15% above industry standards, plus any tips you make on shifts. Just clock in and out and each shift and we’ll automatically be sent your hours where you’ll then receive your pay a week in arrears. Holiday is paid at 12.07% of your gross earnings and will be automatically added to your earnings each payroll.


Simply download our app and sign up to a Registration Session that suits you. Whether you’re a Kitchen Porter or a Chef, you’ll need to bring along your uniform as well as your Right to Work documents so that we can check you’ve got everything you need to start working. The session will also involve a brief interview where we’ll get to learn a little more about you and your skills and ensure your attitude is on point to join our Rota team. We’ll give a brief presentation on how to get the most from our app so you’ll walk out knowing how to apply for shifts that very day.

Download now

Finding work is now as easy as ordering a ride or getting your dinner delivered. The work finds you from the comfort of, well wherever you like. You’ll love our features where you can filter the jobs to exactly what you want. Whether that’s being close to your current location or a minimum earning per shift, enter it in and the jobs you want will appear in front of you. Then, it’s just the click of a button and you could be on your way to work. The beauty of going tech is there’s no pesky paperwork, once you’ve passed your registration your details are sorted for each role. Check in and out of shifts on the app and your hours are logged. Other fun perks pop up and you’ll get notified when you’ve been requested, as well as being able to rate venues so you’re in control of crafting your very own ideal working life.

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