A digital talent solution that transforms your business at the touch of a button.

Your brand has its own unique personality and style, just like our people. It’s that first face who greets you, or that friendly voice over the phone who can make your guests’ day. Getting those tasks done swiftly but thoroughly is just as important too. Our systems knowledge screening assures a workforce that is ready to move with you.

In seconds, match with the talent you want, hire just when you need.

Why Rota?

Full transparency puts the power in your hands. We’ve already onboarded and assessed the strongest candidates. Our algorithm matches you with only the best, brightest talent that’s most ‘you’ in seconds. Click to hire them just when you need.

Shiny features you’ll love -> Our app makes you feel like a tech-savvy boss, whether you are already or not. We’re always innovating too, adding features to make your experience smoother everyday.

Our Talent Acquisition Team are experts, and really good listeners -> Post a shift in seconds with no help, but our team ensures your specifics are heard so you’re only matched with the right talent. An ongoing rating system only strengthens this process too.

We’re not into pesky paperwork -> Out with the old, in with the digital. Getting started takes seconds. Plus check-ins, timesheets and payroll are all taken off your hands. Good for you, and the planet!

Stop searching, these roles are ready

The role I’m looking for isn’t there

Like our workforce, we’re flexible at Rota, and have been able to create a bespoke service for many of our Partners. Get in touch to see how we can help you today.

How do we know we have the best?

We really get to know each of our Members before you’ll be able to meet them. In addition to checking Right to Work Documents, CVs and relevant qualifications, we take the finer details seriously too. Our Members undergo a face-to-face interview so that you get an honest and accurate talent match.

People are unique, just like your business’ needs. That’s why we make it our business to strongly assess:

We’re proud to have a diverse and abundant pool of talented and engaged Office Members at Rota. Leave Alice to hand-pick the best matches for you, so you can focus on your business.

Want to see more?

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