What is Rota?

We connect you directly to a network of experienced, skilled and vetted staff through our technology. The Rota web app allows you to post shifts in seconds for us to fill in minutes, and as every Member of our staff has been rated by your peers you can be assured of their quality.


Our algorithm works around the clock to match your requirements with staff who have the skillset and experience to suit your business’ needs. They will then be instantly notified, with the chance to fill a shift in seconds. All our Members are handpicked through a three-part selection process, which ensures we only have high quality vetted Members. They are then rated by your peers, so we know we only have the best.

Check In

The app provides all the information required for our Members to turn up well-dressed and on time. You can then check them in and out using the app, ensuring you only pay for the hours worked, saving you on all paperwork later on.


Our rating system guarantees we only have the best people working with us. You can request your favourites back and create your own network of preferred workers from our wider pool, making finding quality staff simple. If you find someone you really like you can also add them to your permanent team using Rota Recruit.


Finding work is now as easy as ordering a ride or getting your dinner delivered. The work finds you from the comfort of, well wherever you like. You’ll love our features where you can filter the jobs to exactly what you want. Whether that’s being close to your current location or a minimum earning per shift, enter it in and the jobs you want will appear in front of you. Then, it’s just the click of a button and you could be on your way to work. The beauty of going tech is there’s no pesky paperwork, once you’ve passed your registration your details are sorted for each role. Check in and out of shifts on the app and your hours are logged. Other fun perks pop up and you’ll get notified when you’ve been requested, as well as being able to rate venues so you’re in control of crafting your very own ideal working life.

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