Ensure the best outcomes for your total workforce.

Rota’s Total Workforce Technology helps your organisation build, manage & engage both your internal and temporary external workforces, maximising productivity & reducing costs.

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Built to deliver significant streamlining of management challenges

Whether you just want to schedule your internal teams or bring together all your workforce, Rota can do all this and fill any gaps with agency staff.

Total workforce system

The days of managing your employees, casuals, contractors and agency across multiple platforms are over. Rota brings your entire workforce into a single easy to use solution. Total workforce management

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Reduction of manual processing

By being able to schedule your workforce all in one place you will be able to easily see where you have any gaps. Use the 'request' feature to easily fill those gaps and save time and effort going from system to system.

Reduced costs & increased spend control

Not only is managing all your workforce in one place super simple it also means you have more control over your spend. Use our insight reports to never overspend again.

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All of your staff, in one place. Gain total clarity of what staff members are booked, where and when. Easily identify any gaps and leave the system to seamlessly search for staff to fill these gaps on your behalf, always looking internally first.

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Rota Total Workforce Technology allows you to move away from outdated software and complex spreadsheets with a modern look & feel along with a leading user experience. Place shift requests in seconds, request favourites/regulars and instantly notify staff of available shifts via our member app. Rota Enterprise allows you to tailor your briefing requirements and also restrict your shifts, leaving you in total control.

Performance Management

Monitor performance of your entire workforce, internal and external. See who is performing well and easily identify areas for improvement and training needs.

Our star rating system is driven by an algorithm enhanced by machine learning. The more ratings left the better the algorithm and therefore the better match to the staff you need.

Utilising Rota's star rating system, you can view and track performance for all of your staff, creating an unbiased and comprehensive view of performance. Every time a staff member works at one of your sites, they will be rated by the shift manager creating a performance log. View overall ratings at a glance, or drum down in to patterns of performance. Performance management for your entire workforce just became a whole lot easier.

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Time & Attendance

Gain total control of staffing spend with Rota Enterprise's check in/out features. Have full visibility and transparency of all hours worked on site and save time on needless paperwork.

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Our Rota Total Workforce Technology member app allows staff to check in and out of their shifts in real-time, using either a secure PIN code or a combination of QR codes and geo-location data. Additionally, the shift manager can also check staff in/out and add breaks using our partner app. Both methods ensure that members are at the right location at the right time and removes any ambiguity around correct hours worked. All hours are automatically logged in the partner system allowing you to view any 'timesheets' you wish, as well as having an oversight on all costs. Remove timesheet queries and never be suprised by a staffing invoice again.


Clearly communicate directly to your entire workforce. Automatically inform staff members of when & where they are working and even set reminders, effortlessly.

As soon as you post a shift, your tailored briefing requirements will instantly be visible for all relevant staff members. Staff members will be able to see exactly what is required such as dress code, job briefing & any other details you wish to include.  Rota Enterprise also allows you to request or assign individuals or groups of staff members straight in to shifts, notifying them instantly via a push notification in their member app. Text, email or send notification messages to staff members easily and even send automated reminders for shift start times. Engaging with your entire workforce has always been important, and now it's simple.

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Reduce unnecessary costs, enhance service and make strategic, informed decisions with Rota's real-time & customisable data analytics

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Enabling you to manage your entire workforce in one place also makes it easier to keep an eye on things. What is the average rating of staff members within my internal team and secondary suppliers? What areas are we struggling to fill shifts? Where can we improve service? Our reporting delivers insights like never before ensuring you are completely aware of what is happening inside your organisation. Think of it as a birds eye view, with the ability to zoom in on any areas you wish.