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On occasions, you may exceed your internal workforce capacity. Our Total Workforce Technology enables you to flex your staffing requirements by allowing you to manage your external needs by posting to your own casual pool or bank staff, as well as any agency, all from within the same platform.

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Why use Rota's External Workforce technology?

Whilst our technology allows you to take advantage of internal staff productivity, there may be a need to have a flexible external worker supply. In this instance our technology will connect you directly to a network of your relevant workers. The Rota apps allow you to post shifts in seconds to be filled in minutes.

High Quality, lower cost

Rota technology encourages the best flexible workers, at the right pay rates to meet your requirements. We do this by directly connecting you to staff via our unique technology all with personal profiles utilising our advanced rating system.

Save time and effort

Post a shift within a few taps and fill it in minutes all via our app. The app will also save time by allowing you to approve timesheets in seconds.

We are always here to help

Our apps match your requirements against the workers needs be they internal, external or through an agency. Our seamless technology is built to enhance the experience of all users, and facilitates and enhances the end to end supply chain.

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Hilton love Rota using our external workforce

Rota's technology means I always receive high-quality staff for every shift. Their market-leading technology platform allows us to request experienced staff at a scale that is unrivalled by any other tech solution we've previously used, even at short notice.

Caroline Scott, COO Hilton UK
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We have the technology to help you organise your team.

Whether it is scheduling who is working when, where and with whom or reconciling time sheets, Rota apps  help you do this quickly easily and accurately. Once your team is set up on the system your team can be organised with no fuss and within a few clicks.

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We have eligible staff to expand your workforce on demand

Whatever your sector, Rota ensures you find the best workers, when you need them.

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