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Delivering Workforce Management Solutions to the Health Care Sector

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Total Workforce Management

Rota is a Total Workforce Technology platform created to support healthcare providers tackle complex staffing challenges. The platform uses smart technology to help you build and better engage your workforce.

We provide demonstrable qualitative, administration and operational benefits as well as significant financial savings through better utilising internal staff banks, whilst also creating seamless communication and visibility with your suppliers.

Visibility and Control

Use Rota to gain complete visibility over your workforce across multiple locations and job roles.

1. Gain complete visibility of your workforce across multiple locations and job roles.

2. Plan and communicate your rotas to all of your permanent and internal teams well in advance. Identify gaps and seamlesly fill the requirements by engaging with your internal staffing pools via their colleague app. Alternatively, vend opportunities out to suppliers via the Rota Platform and watch as the requirement is filled.

Rota mobile and web app mockup
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Flexible Staff Banks

Access your database of staff and view availability, comliance and competency levels, pick your team and directly communicate requirements via the 'My Staff' portal.

Speak directly with your staff banks to assign them to sessions or roles that require filling. Improving the motivation and engagement of your internal teams.

Easily manage Staff Banks

Upload candidate information remotely via the Rota app

Store and manage compliance documentation of your teams

Link staff to multiple venues and roles via location and role requirements

Assign competency tags to individuals based on qualifications or their specialised role capabilities.

Understand your workforce

Rota's intuitive reporting suite provides clients with real-time management information to maximise the potential of their workforce.

Our bestpoke reporting tool gives you the information you require, ensuring alignment when it comes to your central strategy.

Create accessible, downloadable reports and remove the manual process from your organisation freeing up your teams to deliver excellence.

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Stay Connected

We understand that organisations may already have implemented systems to support areas of the business such as payroll or HR.

As Rota is a highly confurable platform we are always discussing solutions and integration opportunities to deliver a seamless technology offering to you clients.

Rota will always identify solutions to streamline the workload of your teams. Alternatively if you are a provider that wishes to explore a potential partnered approach, we would be happy to facilitate discussions.